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  • Emerald Marketing Italy provides marketing support and advice to small, medium sized and international companies in relation to product distribution, product design, marketing and communications strategies both at a domestic and international level. Market research activities undertaken provide for effective target marketing, lead generation and prospect qualification with an emphasis on scheduling appointments and meeting between potential suppliers and buyers, Emerald Marketing also offers additional marketing support in Italy for its international customers. Access to countries such as Great Britain, Italy Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, the Baltic states is possible through a network of contacts and locally based consultants.
  • Emerald Marketing Italy offers market consultancy translation, visits organisation, intermediary solutions and services for italian market, sales development, planning, promotional activities.
  • Emerald Marketing Italy provides market knowledge enabling business development in italy. Offers solutions to cultural and logistical problems.
  • Emerald Marketing Italy, italian market liason specialisation in pharmaceuticals, retailing, energy oil and gas, construction materials, building materials, logistics knowledge, expertise, contacts.