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Emerald Marketing Italy

 Emerald Marketing Italy




Emerald Marketing  Italy provides marketing support and advice to small, medium sized and international companies in relation to product distribution, product design, marketing and communications strategies both at a domestic and international level. Market research activities undertaken provide for effective target marketing, lead generation  and prospect qualification with an emphasis on scheduling appointments and meetings between potential suppliers and buyers, Emerald Marketing also offers additional marketing support in Italy  for its  international clients.



Products and markets of interest to Emerald Marketing Italy include: 

1. Energy and Power ( electrothermal powerstation boiler access systems )

2. Retail and distribution ( prepackaged food products )

3. Automotive and Aerospace ( machine tools and equipment for manufacturing )

4. Building and construction ( ceramics, building materials )

5. Pharmaceutical / Biotech ( medical equipment, manufacturing equipment and services )


Emerald Marketing Italy di Sean Lynch was established in Italy 1993 as a privately owned company.The owner, Sean Lynch, had previously spent 11 years working in Ireland and Italy with a large US multinational corporation operating in the information technology sector.

Living and working in Italy prompted the entrepreneurial desire to create and develop a business which could utilise the knowledge, know how and training acquired from the multinational corporate experience.

Initially, Emerald Marketing focused on developing an Import Export business primarily between Ireland and Italy. This led to sales agency contracts with Italian companies wishing to export their products to Ireland and Irish enterprises wishing to penetrate the Italian market.

Over the past twenty years the  experience accumulated in the areas of sales and marketing, product channel management, market research and  management training  have become valuable knowledge which has assisted Emerald Marketing Italy in evolving into more of a knowledge / know how transfer organisation. This competence has also been applied in and through specific training and mentoring programmes, university courses and as  a participating partner in numerous innovation transfer projects in Europe.

More recently the company has focused on growth areas such as Executive and Business Coaching and Cross Cultural / Intercultural Management Training. This area of the business operates under the name of Managerial Dynamics di Sean Lynch  in order to better address new market opportunities and needs.

The company operates on a networking basis. It is largely project orientated and collaborates with many international and domestic specialists from diverse fields.


Market Research

market research

Based on specific client requests, Emerald Marketing Italy provides the required market data and knowledge enabling the client to effectively evaluate through cost / benefit analysis the opportunity of doing business within that market.   Research and market knowledge can identify both the potential within the market sector and the invisible barriers to entry, such as legal restrictions, cultural differences, geographical boundaries etc. which are inherent when trying to enter new markets



Marketing Assistance 

 Italian Marketing Assistance

Now you have the market data you need where do you go from here?

Numbers and data are one thing, getting your product or service to the target customer or sold through the most suitable channel is another.Emerald Marketing Italy can assist your organisation in targeting potential consumers or resellers of your product or service by:

1.      Identifying key target organisations which may be interested in establishing a commercial relationship with your company     

2.      Setting up visits and meetings for your organisation's representatives.   

3.      Providing translation and intermediary functions if required.     

4.      Providing your organisation with after sales assistance in relation to the management of orders and problem resolution.     

5.      Assisting your organisation in tailoring your organisation's marketing plan / strategy to fit local market requirements.     

6.      Delivering feedback through local market information gathering.    

7.      Offering the possibility of direct promotion for your organisation's product or service.   

Over the last twenty  years Emerald Marketing Italy has  developed links with  and ties to educational institutions, government agencies, multinational enterprises and privately run companies. These relationships allow Emerald Marketing Italy to draw upon the pool of expertise and know how accessible through these contacts in order to successfully complete client projects on time and on budget. 


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