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  • Instant UpRight is a global provider of access solutions. Products include mobile scaffold tower systems and platforms, access walkways and docking systems.
  • The goal of BIOINNO is to develop an accelerated route to entrepreneurship education to ready the next generation of talents to turn vision into reality. Besides, BIOINNO proposes an innovation transfer model between Industry and Academia to foster a bi-directional flow of knowledge, research and innovation.
    In addition, due to cross-border collaboration in research and education that has recently grown along with the development of information and communication technologies, the proposed model envisaged the mobility of students and teachers between partners’ institutions, taking into account economic, political and cultural considerations.
  • Online Shopping buy bluetooth products, computers, convex mirrors, electronics, sports, games, entertainment,
    telecommunications, beauty, personal care, sports, health, beauty, home, garden and automotive parts and products
  • Irish Company Ireland Enterprise world markets new business grant information sources government support services grants fund companies finance import export foreign expand market sales investing R and D research development investment suppliers trade news help assist business relations industry challenge sectors publications
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  • Formazione coaching. SCOA, scuola di coaching a Milano, Torino, Genova e Roma specializzata in corsi di formazione in executive coaching e percorsi individuali di business coaching per manager.
  • Geert Hofstede Cultural Dimensions for International Business, For those who work in international business, it is sometimes amazing how different people in other cultures behave. We tend to have a human instinct that 'deep inside' all people are the same - but they are not. Therefore, if we go into another country and make decisions based on how we operate in our own home country - the chances are we'll make some very bad decisions.
  • Managerial Dynamics is a management consultancy company specialising in cross cultural skills development and management. It provides management communication training programmes for multiculture businesses, multinationals, medium sized and small businesses
  • La Managerial Dynamics ha sede in Italia e svolge corsi di formazione manageriale nonch?? percorsi in executive coaching che hanno come scopo l???apprendimento e lo sviluppo delle competenze interculturali da parte di managers che operano in ambienti multiculturali al fine di rispondere in modo efficace alle sfide che emergono attraverso la globalizzazione dei mercati.
  • University of, Viterbo